Perio Measurement descriptions


Note: Labels updated Build: 24.530 DB5603

RECESSION: Distance from CEJ or restoration margin to the gingival margin, measured in mm. Replaces the old FGM measurement

MGJ (Muco-Gingival Junction): Distance from the recession to the end of the attached gingiva

POCKET (Pocket Depth): Distance from the recession to the bottom of the periodontal pocket

CAL/LOA (Clinical Attachment Loss): Calculated in mm as distance from cementoenamel junction (CEJ) to the base of the probe able crevice (RECESSION + POCKET = CAL)

FURCATION: For teeth that have more than one root, indicates the amount of bone loss in between the roots (furca)

MOBILITY: How loose a tooth is

BLEEDING: Amount of bleeding on probing

SUPPURATION: Denotes the presence of infection (pus)

PLAQUE: Layer of biofilm on tooth surfaces composed of microorganisms with discernible thickness and pH level

CALCULUS: Calcified bacterial plaque that forms above and below gum levels of tooth surfaces underneath a layer of non mineralized plaque


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