Recall Effectiveness Report


The Recall Effectiveness report shows the number of patients that have booked as a result of recall communication. The data is presented per Recall Set and Type.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Management > Reports page

  2. Select the Recall Effectiveness report

    1. Show effectiveness of previous [  ] batches: Enter the number of last batches to report on
    2. Set: Select the Recall Set to base this report on
    3. Type: Select the Recall Type to base this report on
    4. Effectiveness period is [  ] days from batch date: Enter the number of days to report on
      E.g. A parameter of 14 days means that the report will show the number of patients that were included in the batch and booked within 14 days from the date the recall batch was created.
    5. Click OK

Report Details


 Effectiveness Rate (%) Bar Graph

Each bar represents a batch and is labelled with the date it was created

 Effectiveness Rate (fraction) Table

The table shows the total number of patients that booked over the total number of patients included in each batch


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