Prior Period Lock Explained


Prior Period Lock is used to lock financial details to reduce fraudulent activities and reporting discrepancies. 

A common reporting discrepancy presents when payments have been made to Providers, then someone changes treatment information. A Provider may then be over or underpaid and there is no way to know.

Prior Period Lock will allow changes - by selected people only - in a locked period, and will show in reports on the date of the change.

For example: if treatment dated 22/10/2020 is modified on the 03/11/2020, when running a report that includes the 03/11/2020, the changes will show. 

 The most common times to lock financial data are:

  1. End of each day, after reconciliation, or

  2. After paying employees/contractors

Some examples of the Prior Period Lock feature are the inability (without security permission) to:  

  • Create an invoice as per treatment date if the treatment is in the locked period

  • Delete an invoice if the invoice is already in the locked period

  • Change the provider if the treatment/invoice is in the locked period

  • Create receipts in the locked period

  • Create bank slips in the locked period


Activate Prior Period Lock

Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions

Set Security Permissions

Set Prior Period Lock Security Permissions

Lock Financial Data using Prior Period Lock

Prior Period Lock Audit Trail Reports

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