Print Appointments to a Label/Card


Print patient’s next appointment(s) to a label, which can be attached to a business card.

Preconfigure Printer

This feature can print on normal label sheets, however it is suggested to use dedicated label printers, as the labels will always print in the same spot.

Select the printer that will be used to print the appointments on the labels  and preconfigure ready to use when printing labels.

Setup Labels

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Open the Hamburger menu > select Setup Appointment Label

    1. Label Header: Enter the header

    2. Label Footer: Enter the footer

    3. No. of appointments to show: Select number of appts to include

    4. Include Provider Name: Tick to include provider name

    5. Draw a border: Tick to select height and width

    6. Click PREVIEW to check the card

      1. Close preview

    7. Click APPLY to save the label settings

Print Appointment Label

The label can be printed from multiple pages

  1. From the Appointment Book
    1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

    2. Right click on relevant appointment

    3. Print > Appointment Card

  2. From any Patients page
    1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Select any page for relevant patient (e.g: Charting, Treatment)
    2. View menu > Show Next Appointments or click the icon
      1. Search beginning from: Select period

      2. Click Search

      3. Select patient


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