Inventory & Stock Control: Prepare for Inventory and Stock Control Setup


This feature available in Build 23.1011.1607 DB5429

Before beginning the setup process and use of Inventory & Stock Control,

  1. Choose the tracking method:

    1. Option A: Update when stock is taken from the stock room
      This is the most common and easiest way to control stock coming in and going out.

    2. Option B: Update according to treatment done
      Products are allocated to item numbers and the system will take from stock when an item number is used. This takes longer to setup and has to be manually adjusted if not using the usual amount or type of product

  2. Make a list of all products used in the practice:

    1. Items that require re-ordering at some point must be listed
    2. If a product that requires different sizes etc is used – list them separately. E.g. If 3 types of gloves or 3 different glove sizes are required, then they must be added as 3 separate products


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