Planned Production Report


This report calculates planned production according to treatment plans linked to upcoming patient appointments.


Report Requirements

Ensure treatment plan items are linked to appointments. This allows the report to calculate the planned production. 


Link items to a new appointment

Link items to an existing appointment


Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Right click in any slot > Print > Planned Production

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the location or <Any Location > from the drop list if applicable

    3. Divide by date: If multiple days are included in the report, tick this to divide each day

    4. Appointment Books: Highlight the book/s to base this report on.

    5. Show inactive Books: Select to see books previously made inactive



Report Details

The report will collect information for the selected reporting period on the date of appointment, and the total amount of fees planned for that visit. 


 Name of patient in the appointment book


 Date of appointment

 Plan fees

 If patient has a treatment plan and the items/treatment to be completed at this appointment are linked.

 If an appointment is not linked to a treatment plan or has no treatment plan, those patients will be

 included in the report with a plan fee of $0.00

 Total for book

 The name of the book and The total amount planned for the time period selected


 Overall total for all books selected. 





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