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The Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS) is an alternative way of providing dental care used by the Public Dental Service in New South Wales (NSW).

This Scheme provides dental care through a private practitioner (e.g. Dentists, Dental Prosthesis’s and Oral Health Practitioner).

The type of dental care that can be provided includes emergency, general dental care and dentures.

Eligible Patients

  1. All children (under 18 years of age) who are NSW residents 

  2. Adult NSW residents who are current holders of one of the following Centrelink concession cards:

    1. Health Care Card

    2. Pensioner Concession Card

    3. Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Process of Use

  1. Eligible patients are sent a Government voucher with a list of dentists registered to the scheme.

  2. Patient makes an appointment with one of the registered providers

  3. All treatment must be completed by the expiry date of the voucher.

  4. The surgery retains the voucher until Treatment is completed.

  5. Once the treatment is completed the patient is to sign the voucher and leave it with the dentist for processing.

  6. The voucher is then filled in by the surgery with relevant item numbers and fees and sent to the Local Area Health Service where it is processed.

  7. The surgery is then sent a payment via direct deposit from the Local Area Health Service for payment of the treatment.

For more information on the scheme, please visit NSW Health



Setup to Use NSW Health Voucher

Payment for NSW Health Voucher Patients

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