Inventory & Stock Control: Order Inventory (Stock) Items


Inventory Items can be ordered based on stock levels either being at/below reorder point or if it is known more of a currently stocked item is needed. 

  1. Log into D4Web using the Stock Controller credentials

  2. Click the navigation menu > Management > Stock Control page

    1. All Inventory Items requiring reordering will be listed in the Reorder Point column as red

    2. View or print the list by clicking the icon


  3. Next, Operations menu > New Record

    1. Select Transaction Type: Order Inventory Items
    2. On Date: Enter the date the stock was removed
    3. Supplier of Inventory is: Select a supplier from the drop list
    4. Enter notes where/if applicable
    5. Click OK

  4. Then, select the Inventory Items required

  5. Click the right arrow icon , the selected Inventory Items will appear on the right

    1. Enter the quantity to order of each item in the QTY column
    2. Click ACCEPT when all numbers are entered

    3. If you wish to send a list to your supplier, click PRINT to save a copy in a file, export or printout

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