New Patients Report


This report shows the number of new patients that have attended the practice for treatment over a period of time, separated by provider.

If an item is marked as a non-treatment item, the patient's First Seen Date will not update, therefore this patient will not be counted.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. New Patients Report

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on
    2. Location: Select the location or <All> to base this report on, if applicable

    3. Provider: Select the Provider(s) to include in the report

    4. Status:  Main Provider - Report will be based on main provider for the patients                                         Treatment Provider - Report will be based on the provider who did thee first treatment
    5. Show inactive providers as well: Tick to include inactive Providers

    6. Show detailed view: Tick to view total patient count by date instead of month


Report Details



Show detailed view

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