Patient Allergies and Medical Conditions List Report


The Patient Allergies and Medical Conditions list report generates a list of all patients that are allocated to a selected Allergy or Medical Condition in the Patients page > History sub-tab.

This report is commonly used to see patients attached to an allergy or condition that will be made obsolete/deleted so their files can be updated beforehand.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. Patient Allergies and Medical Conditions List report

    1. Allergies: Select to base the report on allergies

    2. Medical Conditions: Select to base the report on conditions

    3. Location: Select the Location or Any, if applicable

    4. Select the allergies/conditions to include in the report

    5. Click OK

Report Details

 Patient Name, Address 

 The name and address of the patient associated with the condition/allergy  

 Card, Phone 

 The card number of the patient
 The phone number of the patient


 The date of birth of the patient

 Medical Conditions / Allergy 

 The medical condition / allergy associated with this patient 


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