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MyHealth1st (formerly 1st Available) is a website which allows patients to search for available appointments in a selected area and book their own appointments. Dental4Web will provide a link to the MyHealth1st website allowing subscribers of MyHealth1st the ability to import appointments made by patients in MyHealth1st to the D4Web Appointment Book.

For more information on MyHealth1st, please refer to the website:


  • Only subscribers to MyHealth1st will be able to utilise the link and website

  • The feature within D4Web must be activated by Centaur Software

  • This feature is not available to those who Share an Appointment Book between multiple locations

  • It is advised to have the same start and finish time, slot durations and working days in both D4Web and MyHealth1st

  • If an appointment comes from MyHealth1st that does not match times in D4Web, a non-standard slot will be created to match the start/finish times of the MyHealth1st appointment

  • Preset Slots and Breaks entered into D4Web are considered ‘busy’ in MyHealth1st

  • The book/s within MyHealth1st must be activated in order for it to be synchronised with a D4Web book

  • If an appointment is entered into D4Web using the same slot/s as an appointment in MyHealth1st before the sync is run, the D4W appointment will take priority and the MyHealth1st appointment will need to be rescheduled by the patient. The patient will receive an e-mail notification from MyHealth1st advising of this.

  • The patient's Firstname, Surname and Mobile Number will be used to identify if a patient already exists in D4Web or is a new patient.

  • When cancelling an appointment, do this from D4Web. When the sync runs again, MyHealth1st will be updated


Centaur does not provide information on how to setup and/or use the MyHealth1st website. Please refer to information provided when you subscribed to MyHealth1st.


An additional security function will be added when the MyHealth1st Link is setup by Centaur. By default, this security setting will be locked to all users.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record toolbar > Security Status

    1. Place a tick into Setup 1st Available sync

Setup Appointment Status

When MyHealth1st and D4Web sync, new appointments will be added to the D4Web Appointment Book automatically. Setup an Appointment Status for MyHealth1st Appointments so you can identify which appointments have been added from MyHealth1st.

This appointment status indicates a new appointment made on the MyHealth1st website

Setup MyHealth1st Sync

Only those who have been provided security access to Setup MyHealth1st Sync will be able to access this area.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Click the hamburger menu > Setup 1st Available Sync

    1. Username/Password: This is the MyHealth1st administrative Username/Password. This is not a D4W password

    2. Sync the next # days: Enter the number of days ahead to sync MyHealth1st and D4W up to 99 days in advance

    3. With Updates every # minutes: Select the number of minutes for the sync to automatically be run. MyHealth1st and D4W can sync every 5 – 480 minutes. The sync runs from now onwards, which means earlier information will not be updated

    4. Select Books to Sync: Select the books to be synced. These need to match the books set up in MyHealth1st

    5. Set official ‘MyHealth1st’ Appointment Status: Select the status you previously setup to be added to appointments which come from MyHealth1st

    6. Set official ‘New Patient’ Appointment Status: Select the status you use to indicate a new patients’ appointment

    7. Enable Sync: Enables the automatic sync between MyHealth1st and D4W. Changes cannot be made to the settings while the sync is enabled.

    8. Disable Sync: This option is only available when the sync is enabled. Click this button to disable the sync. Settings will be made available once the sync is disabled.

    9. Force Sync: Forcing sync will ignore the automatic sync setting and will perform when selected – this does not cancel future automatic syncs. A message will appear at the end of the forced sync detailing the sync.

    10. View Sync History: A report will be generated which lists all past sync details.

    11. Restore Previous Settings: This cancels any changes made since opening the Setup MyHealth1st Sync window

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