Mixed Dentition: Child to Mixed or Adult Chart


Over time, selected (or all) teeth will need to move from Child to Adult teeth for correct charting. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Charting or 3DCharting page

  2. Charting toolbar > Show Mixed Chart

    1. Click No: An adult chart will show. This should be selected if patient has more adult teeth than deciduous.
    2. Click YES: A chart will show combination of CHILD & ADULT with the ability to toggle from adult to child

  3. In Current Condition, select a surface (multiple teeth can be selected at once).

    1. In Charting: Right click > Toggle the teeth view: adult - deciduousmceclip0.png
    2. In 3D Charting: Right click > Toggle adult/deciduousmceclip0.png


Age at which MIXED CHARTING begins

Final Age where MIXED CHARTING applies

Mixed Dentition: Mixed to Adult Chart

Mixed Dentition: Adult Chart with Child Teeth

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