Managing Automated Batches for Closure Periods


Automated batches must be set for closure periods such as Christmas holidays.

It is best to send out communication while the practice is still open in case patients wish to discuss further. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page > Batches Tab

  2. Select Upcoming Batches

  3. Filter By:

    1. Date: Select the future period to view batches for

    2. Name: Select the automated procedure(s)

    3. Set: Select the automated set

    4. Type: Select the automated type

    5. Select the batch from the list

    6. Click Run Batch Now

      1. Verify (Yes) or Deny (No) the details of the batch before sending
        mceclip0.pngOnce the batch has been processed, it will be removed from the Upcoming Batches list. 

Managing Upcoming Batches in Automation

Managing Processed Batches in Automation

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