Managing eAppointment Patient Conflicts


When an eAppointment is scheduled, the system will check a set of details between patients to either match with an existing patient or create a new file. When the system cannot determine if the patient should be matched or created as new, it generates a conflict.

Within the Appointment Book, when the conflict icon appears in red, the user must check the list and resolve the conflict. When there are no Patient conflicts the icon is White.

Field Matching

The following fields are checked to find a match or create a new patient.

  • First Name

  • Surname

  • DOB

  • Mobile Number, and 

  • E-mail

 Conflict Reasons

In some instances, patients could use different information to complete their eServices profile than the information within D4Web; or, a patient’s First Name could have been misspelled in D4Web but spelled correctly in eServices.

Therefore, a combination of matching the fields above between eServices and D4Web will be used to determine if the patient is New, Existing or has Potential Matches.

Resolving Conflicts

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

    1. Click Patients Conflict icon in the Toolbar or click the hamburger menu > View eAppointments

    2. Patient Conflicts sub-tab

    3. Highlight Patient in eServices section

    4. View the Possible Record Matches (E.G: Patient may have the same mobile number)

      1. If the possible matches are not this patient, click KEEP NEW PATIENT

      2. If a possible match is this patient, highlight it and click MERGE TO EXISTING PATIENT

    5. Click EXIT when conflicts have been resolved

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