Key Performance Indicators Report (Non BIM)


This report shows the total amount of hours setup in Key Performance Indicators for each Provider, along with the total amount of invoices and receipts generated each month for the Provider. The total hours will be divided into productive and administrative hours

The report will work out the average $ amount per hour invoiced and paid to the surgery

Note: This is NOT a Business Intelligent Module Report

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. Open Key Performance Indicators Report

    1. Financial Year: Select Current, Previous or Custom Financial Year to base the report on
    2. Show totals only: Tick to show total amount only for the selected financial year
    3. Providers: Mark the tick box to select the Provider(s) to include in this report
    4. Show Inactive providers as well: Tick to include inactive providers
    5. Click OK

Report Details



 Data in this section are monthly figures


 Data in this section are accumulative figures from the passed months
 Hours  Total amount of hours set in KPI for the Provider.
 This is not the actual work hour of the Provider.
 Productive (Hrs, %)  Total amount of productive hours set in KPI and
 the percentage it takes in total work hours
 Administr. (Hrs, %)  Total amount of administrative hours set in KPI and
 the percentage it takes in total work hours
 Invoices ($)  $ amount of invoices generated in the month for the Provider
 $/Hr  Average $ invoiced per hour
 Receipts ($)  $ amount of payment received in the month for the Provider
 $/Hr  Average $ payment received per hour


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