Locked Period Record Changes Report - Audit Trail


This audit trail report provides a history of all the financial data changes included in a locked period.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record toolbar > Audit Trails > Locked Period record changes

  1. Date: Select the date range to base this report on

  2. Click OK

Report Details


 Date of

The date the change was made

 Acc id/
 slip id

The ID of the account or bank slip associated with the change


The type of change


The user who updated the date. 'Unknown' will show if security is not on.
Set Prior Period Lock Security Permissions

 PC Name

The PC where the change was made



Prior Period Lock Explained

Activate Prior Period Lock

Lock Financial Data using Prior Period Lock

Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions



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