Inventory & Stock Control: Liquidate Inventory (Stock) Items


When Inventory Items have been damaged, out of date, etc, the stock must be removed from Stock Control in such a way that not to be recorded as regular output.

  1. Log into D4Web using the Stock Controller credentials

  2. Click the navigation menu > Management > Stock Control page

  3. Operations menu > New Record

    1. Transaction Type: Liquidate

    2. On Date: Enter the date the stock was removed

    3. The reason of remove is: Type in the reason for this liquidation

    4. Click OK

  4. Select the Inventory Items

  5. Click the right arrow icon , the selected Inventory Items will appear on the right

    1. Enter the quantity to liquidate of each item in the QTY column

    2. Click Accept when all numbers are entered

Hints, Tips & Links

  1. A few liquidate item reasons: Out of Date stock, damaged and unusable, return for refund or exchange product.

  2. Hold down the Ctrl key to multi select rows or highlight top row then Shift key then last row to select all

  3. If you wish to print the List. See Inventory & Stock Control: Print Inventory Stock Transaction


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