Laboratories: Lab Jobs by Due Date


The Lab Jobs by Due Date report generates a list of all lab jobs with their date and time due, when the date due is specified in the report parameters.

Each job has details of the Lab, Date and Time Due, Patient, Work Category, Stage and Order Number.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Laboratories > Lab Job page

  2. Orders > Lab Jobs by Due Date

    1. Date range: Select the period to base this report on
    2. Work Stage: Select a work stage name or All from drop list
    3. Click to tick or untick the tick boxes to select:
      1. Laboratories: Select the labs to base this report on
      2. Providers: Select the Providers to include in this report
    4. To select what information goes into the report:
      1. Select from the Columns available on the left
      2. Click ADD
      3. The selection is dropped into Sort columns on the right
      4. Repeat for each selection
    5. Click OK

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