Inventory & Stock Control: Make Inventory Items Obsolete


If an Inventory Item has become obsolete (e.g. discontinued) it can be configured so it is no longer shown in the Stock Control tab.

An Inventory Item can only be set as obsolete when the stock quantity is 0. If any stock quantity exists this must be liquidated.

Where there are multiple stock lists, the stock quantity would need to be liquidated for each stock list where applicable.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Inventory page

  2. Record menu > Find Inventory to find the item (the item must have 0 stock on hand)

    1. Use Inventory Code or Item name field to fin the item
    2. Click FIND
    3. Highlight item row
    4. Click GO TO
    5. Once the item is found (in background) click CANCEL

  3. Place a tick in the Obsolete tick box

    1. Enter the date the item will be obsolete from (the current date is inserted automatically)

    2. Click OK


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