Items Performance


The Items Performance report shows performance of items in a selected period, by generating various averages and % of gross income.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. Items Performance report

    1. Dates: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the location or <All> to base this report on, if applicable

    3. Provider: Select the Provider or <All> to include in the report

    4. Procedures: Select the item number(s) or Select All to include in the report

    5. Show obsolete items as well: Tick to include obsolete items

    6. Show inactive providers as well: Tick to include inactive providers

    7. Divide by Providers: Tick to break down the report by provider

    8. Click OK

Report Details

Report for Single Provider


Report for All Providers



The items that are used in selected period 


Description of the item 

Average Times 

Average number to times this item was performed 

Average Fee 

Average fee charged for the item 


Total fee amount for the item (times x average fee) 

% of Prov. Gross

Percentage of the Provider's total gross income  

% of Locat. Gross 

Percentage of the Location's total gross income 

Totals for all providers 

Total $ gross income and total % value of the items selected 
(100% means all items are included) 


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