Huddle Checklist Report-01


The purpose of this report is to assist the dental clinic with daily planning of work/treatment.

This report contains 13 columns, some with specific information collected from within D4Web and some requiring manual input.

The report can be accessed from two locations:

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

    1. Group: Business Intelligence Module  


  2. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

    1. Right click in any appointment slot > Print > Huddle Checklist Report-01

 Setup the Report

  1. Open the report from one of the above locations, but do not run the report

  2. Click Report Settings

  3. Within the "Report's parameters" window, specify the item number/s used for certain procedures, the recall set to use in the report and create 4 personalised columns. Column E - H are for manual input when printed

Run the Report

  1. Open the report from one of the above mentioned locations
    1. Date Range: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the location, if applicable

    3. Appointment Books: Select the Appointment Book(s) to base this report on

    4. Show inactive books: Tick to show/include appointment books that have been made inactive

    5. Click OK


Report Details


Patient details

The appointed patient’s name (showing Preferred Name if it exists in place of First Name) and some other relevant details such as Card#, DOB, age and account balance.

Today’s Treatment

Treatment planned today for that patient – items linked from D4W Treatment Plan to that appointment. (Item, tooth number and surfaces will be shown if entered in Treatment plan).
If no items linked, this field is empty.

Appointment Notes

Appointment provider code and start time of appointment are shown here. If the appointment has additional information in the Notes field, it will show here as well.


Patient’s active alert, as well as any content in Medical History, Dental History, Allergies Present and Medical Condition Present fields will be shown in this column.

Bleach/Complete/Lab In/Referral

These 4 columns are personalized in Report Settings. User will tick here on the printout.
No data can be extracted from D4W to fill in these columns automatically.

Outstanding Treatment

D4W will look into the most recent active plan in the patient’s Treatment Plan tab, and display any incomplete item/s (with tooth number and surfaces if relevant) here.Also shown here are Phase (P) and Visit (V) of the items. If visit = ?, no visit number will be shown.
If the patient has another appointment in the future (a day greater than today), the appointment’s provider, date, day, time and linked treatment plan items will be shown under NEXT APPT section in this column.

Status Exam

Information shown in this column follows the Report Settings.
Below explanations follow the Report Settings shown above in ‘Setup Report’.
LAST COMP EXAM: Last date item 011 was entered in Treatment tab.
LAST PERIODIC EXAM: Last date item 012 was entered in Treatment tab.
LAST X-RAY: Last date item 022 was entered in Treatment tab.
LAST APPT DATE: Last date any treatment item was entered in Treatment tab

Date of next Hygiene Appt

Definition of a hygiene appt is based on the items setup in the Report Settings > Hygiene Items.
Below explanations follow the Report Settings shown above in ‘Setup Report’.
NEXT HYG APPT ACTUAL: The next appointment with any hygiene items linked from treatment plan. The appointment’s date, day, time and the linked item(s) will be shown in this section.If a hygiene appointment was booked without linking the hygiene items, no appointment will be shown.
NEXT HYG APPT DUE: The date shown here is the expected due date calculated by the system based on patient’s last hygiene date, plus the recall period in patient’s card for the recall type in Report Setting > Recall Set to use.
E.g. if the last date one of the hygiene items entered in the patient’s Treatment tab was 06/03/2019, the patient is on the Recall Reminder Set, and in this patient’s card the recall period of this recall type was 6 months, 06/09/2019 will be the NEXT HYG APPT DUE date; however, in Patient Details the Recall Date may be different.
If the patient is not on the recall type selected in Report Settings, nothing will be shown.
RECALL PERIOD: The recall period in patient’s card for the recall type specified in Report Setting. If the patient is not on this recall type, no RECALL PERIOD will be shown

Personal Details

General information about this patient. It is extracted from Patients tab > Insurance/Various sub-tab > Personal Details.

Family Members

If this patient is part of a family, the other members’ PREFERRED NAME(s) (if no PREFERRED NAME(s) then FIRSTNAME(s)) will be shown.
For each of these members, information for column ‘Date of next Hygiene Appt’ will be shown after their names if available.
If more than one family member, they will be sorted by age.


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