How to Create Orthodontic Payment Plans


This article describes the method recommended by Centaur on creating a payment plan for orthodontic treatment.

 Create Treatment Plan

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment Plan page

  2. Enter item (e.g: 881 or 831 x 2) with full fee

  3. Enter items (e.g. 871) for each visit of Ortho Adjustment with $0.00 fee

  4. Order visits for the Treatment Plan so items can be easily allocated when making appointment (optional)

Create Payment Plan

  1. Itemised Invoices toolbar > New Invoice Only 

  2. Click YES

  3. Create Itemised Invoice window

    1. Highlight all items in the Treatment plan

    2. Tick Show extended attributes

    3. Enter the Number of instalments, period of # and occurrence

    4. Change the $ amount to be paid today (1st visit) in the #1 instalment amount box (the rest will be auto calculated)

    5. Click CREATE

 Complete Treatment and Allocate Payment

  1. Patients > Treatment page > Treatment toolbar >Transfer from Treatment Plans

    1. Highlight the completed item for current visit

    2. Click OK

  2. Patients > Receipts page > Receipts toolbar > New Receiptmceclip5.png

    1. Enter instalment amount for the visit

    2. Select Payment Type

    3. Click CREATE

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