How to Chart Procedures


Within the Charting pages of D4Web, charting procedures allows a visual representation of the current state and planned treatment for the patient, whilst linking to a 3D Skull viewer (not available yet) and the Treatment Plan page to help build comprehensive plans for the patient. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Charting or 3D Charting page

  2. Select the surface(s) in either Current Condition or Treatment Required section

  3. Using the toolbar or icons, select the procedure to add to the surface(s)

    1. 2D Chartingmceclip0.png
    2. 3D Chartingmceclip2.png
      1. Teeth can be rotated as a whole using the control panel
      2. Individual teeth can be rotated by right clicking on the tooth > Select tooth
      3. Individual teeth can be presented onscreen by right click on the tooth > One Tooth Mode
  4. Shortcuts can be accessed from the Conditions toolbar in both screens


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