HICAPS: Process EFTPOS ePayment


When the HICAPS terminal is linked with D4Web, EFTPOS payments can be processed in addition to insurance claims. This helps prevent issues with different amounts being entered manually on the terminal. 

With Card

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Receipts page..

    1. Add new receipt

      1. Amount: Enter the amount

      2. Payment Type: Select EFTPOS ePayment

      3. EFTPOS Payment: Click HICAPS

    2. Are you ready to use HICAPS?

      1. Click Yes when ready to process - have the card ready
        1. Swipe / Insert / Tap the patients card

        2. If the payment was successful, click OK
        3. If the payment was unsuccessful, click OK and select another Payment Type
          1. Click Create / Preview / Print to finalise the payment

Without Card

HICAPS has removed the ability to send user entered card details in an EFTPOS Sale transaction.

The 'Enter Card Details" option is no longer available within D4Web receipt Window.  

Manual Credit Card entries can be completed directly via the terminal. 

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