HICAPS Error: How to install or re-install Hconnect


Hconnect is the software that allows your computer to connect to your Hicaps Terminal and in turn, allows D4Web to connect to the Hicaps Terminal.

Follow the steps below to Install/Re-install the Hconnect software.

  1. Browse to the Hconnect install files on \\%server name%\CSAdmin\D4w_Storage\CIK\Utilities [Resources]\HConnect

  2. Run HicapsConnect_1_0_3_32_R1.exe

  3. Click OK if the following message appears: Hicaps Connect is already installed. Otherwise, move to step 4.

    1. Click Uninstall

    2. Click No on the following message: A reboot is required to finish the un-installing

    3. When the uninstall is complete click Close

    4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to re-install.

  1. Tick I accept to License Agreement and click Next

  2. Set the Destination Folder for Hconnect to be installed in or leave it as the default and click Install

  3. When the window saying "A reboot is required to finish the installation" pops up, click No

  4. Click Finish to end the installation

  5. The Hconnect icon should now appear in the bottom right task box and have found terminals connected to the computer


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