Group Appointment Books


This feature is used to group selected appointment books into one view, rather than viewing all books at the same time.

There are three common scenarios for setting up groups:

  1. Group by Specialty: Practices with various specialties find it simpler to group books in this way

  2. Days of the week: On Monday, only books working on Monday will show

  3. Order Appointment Books: To change the order appointment books are shown onscreen

Setup Groups

Groups can only be setup when in a Multiple Book View within the Appointment Book

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Select Multiple Book View 

  3. Click the hamburger menu > Show Group Settings

    1. Location: Select the location this group relates to (if applicable)

    2. Add Group: Enter the name of the group

    3. List of Group: The names of all the groups created

    4. Group name: The name of the group will show

    5. Use as default view on the following days: Tick the day(s) this Group will appear onscreen by default

    6. Add Book: Select the books to add to the group

      1. Click OK

    7. Use the arrows to sort the order appointment books will show onscreen

    8. To add more groups, click Add Group and follow the steps again

    9. Click Exit when setup is complete

      Group by Specialty Example:


Remove Appointment Book from a Group

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