HICAPS: Process Single Patient Claim


The below instructions assume HICAPS is setup to claim via D4Web, the correct patient is in view and items are already entered in Treatment page, ready to process the claim. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page

  2. Itemised Invoices toolbar > New Invoice Only / F2 key / Click New Invoice icon

  3. Create Itemised Invoice:

    1. Click HICAPS

    2. Check the details of the claim are correct. Its possible to deselect items to exclude from the claim or Cancel to start again.

    3. Click OK to proceed with the claim
    4. Click Yes when ready to process the claim, i.e. the patient card is in hand, ready to swipe on the terminal

    5. When prompted, swipe the patients' insurance card

  4. Once the claim is processed, the gap will appear onscreen

    1. Click OK

  5. Depending on settings, the claim will print to the terminal or printer

  6. Within the Create Itemised Invoice window:

    1. Discount: Enter an amount to discount from the gap amount
    2. RECEIVE PAYMENT: Click to enter the gap payment
    3. EXIT: Click to exit
    4. SAVE: Click to save and close, select this option if receipts printed from terminal
    5. PRINT: Click to print a copy from D4Web


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