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D4Web users in Victoria have the opportunity to submit HICAPS Claims for the Worksafe Health Fund.

The Worksafe Health Fund differs from other HICAPS Health Funds:

  • Transactions are not assessed immediately and no benefit is returned at the time of processing the claim.

  • Claims are assessed as a batch at a later time, and payments are sent to the Provider accordingly.

  • Worksafe does not issue a card to its members. Each patient is issued with a Claim Number that is used in place of a card number when sending claims.

The Claim number is 19 digits and is comprised of:

  • The Worksafe Card no. Prefix

  • An individual patient number

Create an Insurance Fund/Plan

  1. Create an Insurance Fund and Plan for Worksafe with the following details:

    1. Name: Victoria WorkSafe

    2. Abbreviation: VWA

    3. E-System: Select HICAPS from drop list

    4. Card No Prefix: 90360115

    5. Limit of items per claim: 24

    6. Place a tick in the Worksafe checkbox

  2. Add a Plan

    1. Plan Code: VWA

    2. Plan Name: VWA

    3. E-System: Select HICAPS from drop list


Add WorkSafe to a Patient's Record

Before sending the Claim via Hicaps terminal, the relevant information needs to be entered into the Patient's record.

  1. Enter the Patient's Claim number in the Member ID field

  2. Enter 01 in the Series fieldmceclip0.png

Send WorkSafe Claim via Hicaps terminal

All actions (Charting, Treatment Plan, Treatment) are the same as per the usual treatment procedures.

Visit https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au for information on approved items/services.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page

    1. Itemised Invoices toolbar > New Invoice Only (or press F2)

    2. Click Hicaps

    3. Check items selected are correct and click OK

    4. The Claim will now be submitted via the Hicaps terminal

NOTE: This claim has not been paid, it is submitted. The method of payment from WorkSafe Victoria to you will not change.

Receive Payment from WorkSafe

It is recommended to add a payment method called WorkSafe Payments

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Receipts page

  2. Receipts toolbar > New Receipt

    1. Enter Amount and the usual Payment Type

Reverse WorkSafe Claim

WorkSafe claims can only be reversed on the same day it was submitted.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Claims page

  2. Select the Claim to be reversed

  3. Claims toolbar > Reverse Claim

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