Generate a Batch using Simple Query Wizard


Queries can be generated to view and/or communicate with a list of patients that meet a filter. The below instructions will find all patients whose last visit was before a set date. 

Ensure the template(s) associated with Simple Query are updated to suit this campaign before sending.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Debtors and Marketing > Queries page

  2. Type: Simple Query Wizard

    1. Batch Name: Enter the name of the batch
    2. Provider: Select a Provider or All Providers
    3. Exclude the following categories: Ensure all patient categories to be excluded are selected
    4. Excl. patients not seen in: Only enter a number to exclude patients not seen in as many months
    5. ... and mailed this letter within: Only enter a number to exclude patients who have received this exact query in as many months
    6. ... and have appts over next: Only enter a number to exclude patients who have upcoming appointments in as many days
    7. Click RETRIEVEmceclip1.png
  3. Select filter Criteria:

    1. Column: Select the field, e.g. Last Visit
    2. Operator: Select from the list, e.g. > Than or Equal To
    3. Value: Enter the value, e.g. 01/01/2017
    4. Logical: Choose And to define a finish date of the search, or more filters such as Age (optional)
  4. Click OKmceclip0.png

    Click here for common filters

  5. Highlight: All Rows, or manually select those to include


  7. Select Recall Letters

    1. Click SMS

    2. Click SELECT READY

  8. Click SEND

  9. Back in the Queries batch, select all patients with nothing entered in the Printed column (sms unsent)

  10. Select Recall Letters

  11. Click E-MAILmceclip4.png

  12. Select all patients with nothing entered in the Printed column (sms or e-mail unsent)

  13. Select Recall Letters

  14. Click PRINTmceclip5.png



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