Generate and Print Sterilisation Labels


D4Web can work with autoclaves that generate their own labels (e.g. Lisa), but are not recommend as they do not generate unique labels for each pack. D4Web can generate labels that are just as cost effective.

The recommended label is Avery J8651 Inkjet or L7651EV, dimensions are: 38.1mm x 21.2mm, 65 labels per sheet.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Sterilisation page

  2. Autoclave toolbar > Generate & Print Labelsmceclip0.png

    1. Label Type: Select the relevant labels

    2. Address Position: Change the position of the barcode; only do this if test show it is needed

    3. Font: Change the size of the font if needed

    4. Bar Codes

      1. Initial: This will either be locked or open, depending on the settings

      2. Amount: Enter the number of labels to generate

      3. Click GENERATE
    5. Click PRINT: Ensure the correct printer is selected

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