Editing eForms


The steps to editing an eForm depend on the current state of the eForm.

For example, if the form has never been used, it can be edited. 

If the form has been used - patients submitted forms - a new version of the form must be created. 

To check if an eForm has been used:

  1. Within the eServices portal
  2. Click the hamburger menu > Menu > eForm Manager
  3. Check the Last Accessed and Times Accessed columns for dates and times


Edit Unused Form

  1. Select the Form that has no Last accessed or Times Accessed records.
  2. Ensure the form is set to Offline  
  3. Click on the Form Name hyperlink to access the form and edit

Edit Used Form     

    1. Select the Form Name
    2. The Form Online message will appear.
      1. Click Copy as Versionmceclip2.png
    3. Design the eForm as needed
    4. When ready to publish, ensure the previous version is deactivated

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