eAppointments: In-Practice Strategies


Patient Education through Staff Interaction 

  • Verbally educate patients when on the phone or in the practice 

  • Instruct your team to explain how they can schedule their next appointment online 

  • Ensure your team knows the benefits of online bookings 

  • Open 24/7 for bookings 

  • Instant appointment confirmation 

  • Book emergency appointments when they occur 


  • Use signage (internally and externally) to promote online bookings 

  • Use large signs (A2 or A3 in size) that stand out to patients and passers-by 

  • Print smaller versions (A5 or A6 in size) of your poster for patients to take with them as a flyer upon checkout! 

Download and take the below poster to a printing house (Office Works or Kwik Kopy, for example) and ask to have your desired crop marks, logo and website added to it. You will only be able to edit the poster yourself by using a Publishing Software

Recall Reminders

Sending recall reminder via SMS and e-mail allows a link to book online directly from the reminder. This saves the patient time and reduces the number of phone calls to the practice to schedule recall appointments. Use a URL shortner in place of the lengthy URL created by the system.



Queries is a powerful tool and is the most effective way to advise patients of changes in the practice, a new online booking tool, for example. 


Add Messages on Invoices, Receipts and Treatment Plans

Notify/Remind patients of the ability to book online on as many printouts as possible. 

Add a Receipt Message (Up to 180 Characters)

Add an Invoice Message (Up to 180 Characters)

Add Treatment Plan Disclaimer, Message and/or Statement


Add Link to E-mail Signature

Update the practice e-mail signature with either a hyperlink to eAppointments or even a ‘Book Online’ image with a hyperlink.

How to Hyperlink Text or Images

The below example is when working in Outlook e-mail signature. Steps will vary depending on the software used.

  1. Create a New E-mail

  2. Select Signature drop list and select an existing template or Signatures… to create a new one

  3. If updating an existing, highlight it in the list and then make changes

  4. If adding a new one, click New button and create it

  5. To add a hyperlink to text/image within the signature, highlight it and then click the link icon

  6. Enter the URL in the Address field and click OK to save


On Hold Phone Message

When patients are waiting on hold, use this time to educate them on your services, including the ability to schedule appointments online.

“You can now book your next dental appointment at (Your practice) whenever and wherever you are, simply go to our website www.yourpracticewebsite.com.au and click on the link to book online!”

Additionally, when the practice is closed, patients might opt to book online as opposed to waiting for the next day to call again, leave a voice mail or call one another practice.

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