E-mail from Documents page


Its possible to send a file or folder from Document Manager via e-mail. 

Ensure the e-mailing from a patients' file feature is setup before proceeding.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Documents page

  2. Select the file/folder. (To select more than one, hold the Ctrl key and click additional files/folders)

  3. Click E-mail Icon

  4. In the E-mail window:

    1. From: Practice e-mail automatically enters

    2. To: Enter the recipient e-mail address; by default the patients' e-mail is entered

    3. CC: Include additional e-mail addresses if required

    4. Subject: The e-mail subject

    5. Attached: The selected file/s

    6. Enter any other text to appear on the e-mail

    7. Click SEND

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