Deleted Treatment Plans Report - Audit trail


This is an audit trail report that shows any Treatment Plan that has been deleted within the report period, along with the items' details.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment Plan page 

    1. Treatment Plan toolbar > Deleted Treatment Plans report

  2. This audit report is also available in > Location setup > Security page

  3. Reports parameters:

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Staff members: Select the user or <All> to include in the report

    3. Computers: Select the computer or <All> to include in the report

    4. Show deleted users: Tick to include inactive user

    5. Show obsolete computer: Tick to include obsolete computer

    6. Click OK


Report Details

 Patient Details 

 Card number, Surname, Title, Firstname 

 Plan Date/Time/ID 

 Date and time the plan created, Plan ID 

 Author of Plan 

 Name of the provider who created the plan 

 Deletion Date 

 Date and time the plan was deleted 

 Deleted By 

 Who deleted the plan 

 PC Name 

 Which PC was the plan deleted from 


 Plan Provider 

 The provider name

 Ph. / Visit 

 Phase number / Visit number

 Time / Min 

 Team Booking time symbols / Minutes needed for the item 


 Tooth number


 Tooth Surface

 Item Description 

 Item code and description 


 How many times 


 Item Fee  


 Total amount if Qty > 1


 H/F rebate expected


 The gap amount


 Date/ Time if an appointment was made 

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