Create Treatment Plan Case Presentation Templates


To save time when presenting a plan to patients, it is recommended commonly used cases are setup as templates.

For example: If the practice commonly recommends Implants, an Implant Case Presentation should be created and then edited per case. 

  1. Ensure the Case Presentation feature is activated

  2. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Letters page

    1. Select Case Presentation category

    2. Template toolbar > Create Template


      1. Specify Template Name: Enter the name, e.g. Implant Presentation

      2. Specify Template Description: Enter a description of the template, e.g. Dr Cameron's Implants

      3. Click OK

  3. The default letter template will appear onscreen, design the template as needed, using Input Fields to help automatically input data from the patients' file when opened against their Treatment Plan 

  4. In the Implant_Presentation. txm screen:

    1. Mail Merge tab
    2. Add Field
    3. Scroll through the List of Fields to find input fields required
    4. Click ADD and CLOSE
  5. When finished creating the template:

    1. Go to File toolbar
    2. Click Save and Close


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