Deleted Patients Report - Audit Trail


The Deleted Patients audit trail report provides a history of all patients that have been deleted in the specified time period. 


Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record toolbar > Audit Trails > Deleted > Deleted Patients report...

    1. Location: Select the location if working in a multi-location environment

    2. Date: Select the period to base the report on

    3. Staff Members: Select a specific person from the drop list or <All>

    4. Show Deleted Users: Tick to include past employees

    5. Common Reasons List: Select the reasons to base the report on

    6. Show Inactive Reasons: Tick to include inactive reasons

    7. Click OK


Report Details



 Card No

 The unique card number for the deleted patient

 Patient Name

 The name of the deleted patient


 The date of birth of the deleted patient

 Address, Suburb,  Pcode, State 

 The address details for the deleted patient

 Deletion Date

 The date of deletion

 Employee /
 User name

 The user responsible for deleting the patient record.
 Unknown will show if security is not on deleting patients. 
 Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions
 Set Security Permissions


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