D4W Marketing from D4Web: Automated Sending Explained


The Automated Sending via D4W Marketing allows for Recalls, Queries and/or Appointment-based batches to automatically generate and send to patients based on preset settings and templates. 

Patients will receive the communication via either SMS, E-mail or Print, depending on both their Send To preferences and the order of sending set by the practice.

For example, SMS will be sent first, then all patients who did not get sent the SMS will be sent via e-mail, the remaining patients will be posted the campaign.

Automated Recalls

To have recall batches automatically generate and send via D4Web Marketing, schedule a time with Centaur's Recall Automation Conversion Consultant.   

Book Recall Conversion and/or Automatically Send Recalls via D4W Marketing

Automated Queries

Unlike Recalls, Queries can be set as Manual, Semi-Automated and/or Fully Automated. Each Query Type can have its own settings. 

Automated Queries allows for regular communication that does not change to be set as automated, for example, Reactivations. 

Appointment-Based Communication

There are currently two appointment-based communications which can be sent to the patient via D4Web Marketing; Post Visit Survey and New Patient Welcome Pack. 

The system will build a batch of patients based on their Appointment Statuses, e.g New Patient and Attended, then send them the relevant content. 

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