Create New Preset (Pre-Booked) Slot

  • A pre-booked slot is used if you have a set time each day for a certain procedure.

  • A pre-booked slot can be used as a guide to help the user (e.g.: reception staff) to schedule the most suitable time slots for the type of treatment required.

  • A pre-booked slot can be added to a template or to an individual day. 

  • Pre-booked slots may also be referred to as pre-set slots.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Click the hamburger menu > Setup Pre-Booked Slots

    1. Click NEW

    2. Description: add the name of the slot; this will show onscreen and in reports

    3. Back Colour: select the background colour of the slot

    4. Text Colour: select the text colour

    5. Work Time: select if it is work time or not, e.g. Staff meetings are work time, holidays are not

    6. Online: only available if using eAppointments. This will enable patients to book into this slot type online.

    7. Click OK


Add Preset Slots to Appointment Day

Add Pre-Booked Slots to templates

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