Create Custom Fields for Patient Details


Custom Fields allows for additional fields to be added to the Patients tab for manual entry, and if using eFormsthe fields can be added to forms for patients to fill in and automatically update in their file. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > System Tables page

  2. System Table: Custom Patient Fields

  3. Click ADD

    1. Field Name: Enter the Field Name / Question

    2. Field Type: Select the appropriate field type

    3. Click OK


Text of up to 60 characters can be entered


Allows patient to enter a number with a limit of 10 characters


For practices to set answers that are able to be chosen.
For each option you would need to ‘Add’ each value and you can set which option you want to make default by putting a tick in the value option and then a tick in the default box


Inserts a checkbox for patients to check
(e.g. They agree to being contacted via Email for promotional purposes)


Text of up to 250 characters can be entered


Text of up to 750 characters can be entered


Allows a field to be added


4. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Patients page

  1. Click Show Custom Fields   mceclip1.png

  2. All Custom fields are now available in this area

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