Consolidated Patient Record Report


Gather information from the patient file and collate into a report with a cover sheet that can be used to present or transfer file to specialists and other dental practices. 

  1. Click the navigation menuPatients > Patients page

  2. Patient toolbar > Consolidated Patient Record Report

  3. Set the report parameters:

    1. Date: specify a date range that narrows the displayed data to that entered within the specified date range

    2. Include Patient History Audit: Tick box to include audit trail

    3. Include Patient Custom Fields: Tick box to include Custom Fields

    4. Perio: Tick the Perio box & select which Perio chart from drop list

    5. Charting: Tick the Charting box & select which Chart from drop list

      1. Jaw: Select Upper or lower or All from drop list

      2. Normal or 3D: Select radio button

    6. Treatment Plan Notes: Tick box to include the Preview Plan Notes report from Treatment Plan tab
      1. Standard or Extended: Select radio button
    7. Treatment Done: Tick box to include the Treatment Done report from the Treatment tab
    8. Include Non-Reporting Items: includes any items that are marked as non-reporting in the above 3 reports
    9. Include Non-Treatment Items: include any items and their notes that are marked as non-treatment in the above 3 reports.
    10. Clinical Notes: Tick box to include clinical notes
    11. Financial: includes the Transaction Summary report from the Receipts tab

      1. Show Fees: shows fees within the Detailed Transaction Summary report

    12. Click OK
  4.  With the report open, click printer icon to print, use the arrows to move between sections/pages, change the export type.  










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