Mediasuite Online: Smooth


Make the image details less clear. The image becomes the most smooth and the least sharp.

Note: This option not available in the Lite version of Mediasuite

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Smooth

    1. In the 'Smooth' window, scroll (slide) the two parameters:

      1. Power: Base value is 0%. or Bound: Base value is 17

      2. Bound:  Determines the breadth of smoothness

    2. To change the smoothness:
      1. Put the mouse cursor on the regulating (control) button of the scroll.

      2. Drag the mouse to the left or to the right.

    3. At a scroll value of 100% (1.00 Smooth): The contrast of neighbouring pixels either decreases at maximum or averages:

      1. Sharp angles are getting more round.

      2. And the general impression becomes more smeared. 

    4. Click Reset, OK or Cancel


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