Mediasuite Online: Isodensity


Transform selected grey tones diapason in a white-black picture into a specific colour and is only available when an image is saved as greyscale

Note: This option is not available in the Lite version of CMS.

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Isodensity

  3. In the 'Isodensity Attributes' window:

    1. Range (diapason): The Range scroll (from 0% to 100%) enables to narrow down the range of grey tones up to 0% or to widen up this diapason up to 100%

    2. Transparency: The Transparency scroll also changes from 0% to 100% and allows making the colour image the brightest (0%) or the palest (100%)

    3. A ‘Draw Color’ option: The Draw Colour field enables the user to choose a colour from the given list for the transformation of grey tones

    4. Click OK 

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