Create Appointment Book Stencil Templates


A predefined template created/applied against an Appointment Book, is called a Stencil and are used to minimise the time taken to set up Appointment Books.

The Stencil must be setup initially, before it can be used multiple times against any appointment book.

For example: A Stencil could be created for new Providers; meaning whenever a new Provider starts, the ‘New Provider’ Stencil is applied to their appointment book.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments 

  2. Click the Hamburger menu > Setup all Books 

  3. In the 'Setup appointment books' window:

    1. Select Stencil

    2. Click ADD NEW

  4. In the 'Stencil' Window:

    1. Location: Select the location if applicable

    2. Description: Enter the name of the stencil

    3. Is Active: Used to make a stencil inactive

    4. Start at / Finish at: Enter the default start and finish times

    5. Interval: Enter the minutes per slot

    6. Copy of: Tick to copy an existing stencils' details

    7. Click OK

  5. Back In the 'Setup appointment books' window:

    1. Select the Stencil > Click TEMPLATES

    2. Design the template for this stencil, following the same steps as a Design / Update Appointment book templates

    3. When above steps are completed, Click EXIT In the 'Setup appointment books' window

  6. Next, apply the stencil to the book(s)


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