Mediasuite Online: Emboss Attributes


Make changes to the depth, direction, contrast and/or brightness of the embossed image.

Note: This option not available in the Lite version of CMS

  1. Go to Tools menu > Emboss Attributes 

  2. The 'Emboss Attributes' window consists of four scrolls. 

    1. Depth: The scroll allows regulating the depth of three-dimensional relief image

    2. Direction: The scroll regulates the direction

    3. Contrast: The scroll regulates contrast

    4. Brightness: The scroll regulates the brightness of the relief image

    5. And of three buttons – Reset, OK and Cancel

  3. To change depth, direction, contrast and/or brightness of embossed image:

    1. Drag the regulating button by moving the mouse to the left or right

    2. After getting a desirable image, release the left mouse buttonmceclip1.png
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