Create a New Automation Set and Type


A default list of commonly used automated actions exist within D4Web, however more can be added. Adding a new Set is a way to group a set of automated actions. E.g.  All daily appointment confirmations should sit within the one Set. 

Automation Types contain the settings of the automated action. E.g. Monday Appointment Confirmations. 

Do not alter settings in the Recalls sub-tab without consulting with Centaur Support - 


Add Automation Set

  1. Click the navigation menu >  Management > Automation page

  2. Open the relevant tab, for example Appointments

  3. Click SET

    1. Enter the name of the Set
    2. Click OK  

Add Automation Type

  1. With the relevant Set highlighted

  2. Click TYPE

    1. Enter the name of the Type

    2. Click OK

    3. Setup the automated action of this Type via the Set/Type, Reminders and Schedule sub-tabs



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