Mediasuite Online: Emboss


Convert picture into a relief (three dimensional) image.

Note: This option not available in Lite version of CMS

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Emboss

    1. The border areas between parts of high contrast images are analysed and are presented brighter or darker 
    2. This filtering affects the borders or contours in a picture, which become the most highlighted zones

    3. The image becomes three-dimensional
  3. To reset to the previous view, Tools menu > Emboss 

  4. Manage parameters of filter Emboss through 'Emboss Attributes' window:

    1. Go to Go To menu > Preferences

    2. Tick box > Show Emboss Dialog

  5. When Emboss is selected the 'Emboss Attributes' window will appear


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