Mediasuite Online: Annotations - Measure Multi Line


Create a kinked line on a picture with an indication of the length of these legs. It is possible even to measure the length of curves using selected reference points.

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Annotations > Measure Multi-Line

  3. Measure the length of a picture using several reference points:

    1. Define/ Confirm this starting point by mouse left click

    2. Drag the mouse cursor to the selected first reference point

    3. Confirm this reference point by left click

    4. Repeat these steps up to the last reference point

  4. Right mouse click on the last reference point and select Finish Annotation

    1.  The total length of the kinked (Multi) line will be shown near the last point

    2. The length of each section of the kinked line will be shown near this leg

    3. Double click on the final point stops the formation of a kinked line

  5. Display interim measurements? 

    1. Click Yes to show each measurement

    2. Click No to only show final measurement

  6. Make changes:

    1. Move Kinked line: After pointing the cursor on any vertex of a corner, the cursor takes a form of an arm with a cross. Left-click and drag the pointed vertex over the picture. 
    2. Move the Multi-line: After pointing the cursor on a rectangle with measures of the leg or entire line length, one can drag this rectangle with these measures over the picture surface.  
    3. Change the weight and colour of the kinked line: Format Annotation


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