Mediasuite Online: Annotations - Measure Free Angle


Measure a free-angle on the picture, formed by two lines

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Annotations > Measure Free Angle

  3. The cursor takes a form of an arrow with free-angle formed by two lines, symbol.

  4. To measure the free-angle on the picture:

    1. Define with the cursor, by clicking at the beginning point of the first line
    2. Move the cursor  to the final point of the first line, left click to confirm
    3. Define the beginning point of the second line by mouse cursor, left click to confirm.
    4. Move the mouse cursor to the final point of the second line, left click to confirm.
    5. Measurement of an angle goes anti-clockwise: The angle can be up to 360 degrees and the dimension is shown on the screen near the angle symbol

    6. Click Esc in the final point of angle measurement, the angle created will be deleted

  5. Changes:

    1. Change angle: Point the cursor at one of two lines of an angle, it takes a form of an arm with a rectangle.
      1. Click and drag across the picture
    2. Change Colour:
      1. Double click.
      2. In the 'Format Annotation' window, make changes.
      3. Click OK
    3. Change configuration and degrees: After pointing the cursor at any angle vertex, it takes a form of an arm with a cross.
      1. Point the cursor at any angle, and drag over the picture surface
    4. Move measurement text: Point the cursor at the measurement text, the cursor takes a form of an arm with a letter Т.
      1. Click and drag the number over the picture.
      2. Release when the measurement is where you want it
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