Laboratories: Create a Lab Job


Lab jobs are created in the Patients file either from the Treatment Plan or Treatment tab. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page or Treatment Plan page

  2. Either against the relevant existing item, or add a new item, click the L column field

  3. Lab Sheet

    1. Category of Work: Select relevant category

    2. Laboratory: Select the lab to assign the job to

    3. Technician: Select to assign the job to a specific person (optional)

    4. Work Description: Enter notes for the technician

    5. Items:

      1. Item: Select the item number(s) for this job
      2. Fee: If known, enter the fee
      3. Tooth: Enter the tooth ID
      4. Quantity: Enter the quantity
    6. Work Stages:

      1. Stage: Select from the list

      2. Date, Time Due: Manually enter or click icon to search patients' next appointment  

      3. Date, Time Done: Leave blank until the job is completed

    7. Created: Ensure the date and by are correct

    8. Job Finished: Leave until the job is completed

    9. Other Info:
      1. Case: Enter the case, e.g. VMK

      2. Shade: Enter the colour, e.g. A3

    10. PRINT the lab job 

      1. Crown jobs allow further editing of the image before printing

        1. Click Pen to draw on the image

        2. Click OK when Image editing is complete

        3. Print the lab sheet

  4. When a lab job is present, the following icon will appear in the L column of the Treatment Plan / Treatment tab: 



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