Mediasuite Online: Archive Objects


As more images are created, this takes up space in the Data folders. This can increase backup time.

Images created before a specific date can be archived.

NOTE: This procedure can only be completed when in Administrator mode and can only be performed by Centaur Staff. Once user has entered into Administrator mode, objects can be archived.

  1. Go to Go To menu > Administrator

    1. Enter the Administrator username and password

  2. Go to Go To menu > System Setup

    1. Enter password

  3. Click Archiving objectsmceclip1.png

    1. Total number: Total number of images in the database
    2. Archived (with non-deleted files): Total number of currently archived images
    3. Archive Path: Path to save archived files. Once this is set, it is not recommended to change this path
    4. To be archived media objects: Total number of images to be archived
    5. Archiving media objects maximal date: Any images created after this date will not be archived.
    6. Archive video objects: Tick to include video files
    7. Archive 3D objects: Tick to include 3D files
    8. Click Start to begin the process

      1. Click OK once the archiving is finished
      2. Once the images have been archived a folder is created in the Archive Path
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